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The Puppyoo Care

Personalized After-Sales Service.

With Puppyoo Care, our 2-year warranty, we're with you every step of the way, from purchase to the best after-sales service. Whether it’s a defect on our part or you have an accident, no questions asked, we’ll gladly help you.

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Sometimes things just break, but we’re here for you if they do at no additional cost to you.

T12 Series
T11 Series
Corded Vacuum
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T12 Plus Rinse

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T12 Pro Rinse

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T12 Home Rinse

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T12 Home

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T12 Pure

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T11 Mate

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S9 Turbo

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T11 Mattress Air

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PUPPYOO is dedicated to a quality of service you can rely on every time. Our customer service agents are available at your convenience to discuss your vacuum needs.



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