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Puppyoo Launches T12 Plus Rinse Cordless Vacuum, the Latest Combination of Suction and Mopping Technologies
11/17 .2022

Puppyoo Launches T12 Plus Rinse Cordless Vacuum, the Latest Combination of Suction and Mopping Technologies

Puppyoo is an industry leader in the vacuum tech space that focuses on new and innovative ways to make cleaning hassle-free and timely. Since 1999, Puppyoo has been dedicated to serving families around the world by developing dynamic, user-friendly vacuum cleaners to create healthier, cleaner lives. Puppyoo recently launched T12 Plus Rinse cordless vacuum, the latest combination of suction and mopping technologies.

Between work, chores, and the chaos of everyday life, it’s hard to keep the house clean for American households – that’s why PUPPYOO has simplified cleaning for the modern-day by developing cutting-edge designs for the ultimate cleaning experience.

With the introduction of the T12 Plus Rinse, Puppyoo has developed the perfect solution for American families to save time cleaning and focus on the things that are truly important to them.

The T12 Plus Rinse is more than a standard vacuum; it is also integrated with mopping capabilities to save time and energy. Its combination of suction and mopping technologies allows you to easily go from cleaning up dried messes on the floor to switching over to the mopping features to removing stubborn floor stains and creating a squeaky-clean home.

Equipped is a double roller brush made from carbon fiber and soft nylon, eliminating the need to change or replace brush heads when going over different surfaces such as tiled floors and carpets. Along with a 185AW suction power and fine dust filtration system, you can guarantee to pick up and lock in any debris on the first try. Once locked in with the magnetic dust cup, you can be assured there will be no secondary pollutants escaping into the air with the easy to dump mechanism.

The easily interchangeable mop head utilizes a rotary mopping brush that is perfect for both wet and dry situations. The brush can be used alongside floor cleaners to polish the floor when dry. You only need to spray cleaner directly to the ground (it cannot be added to the water tank), and the T12 Plus Rinse can handle the rest. For wet situations, the water tank can intelligently control the water output to ensure too much isn’t used and watermarks are left behind, or too little water is used to wipe the floor clean.

If you have been eyeing a Puppyoo to add to your household, then you’re in luck! Amazon Prime Day is approaching, and on July 12th-13th, the T12 Plus Rinse, along with two other Puppyoo vacuum models (T11 Mate and T12 Mate) are up to 47% off! So, make sure to save the date and remember cleaning can be hassle-free with Puppyoo. All Rights Reserved