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The Latest in Vacuum Technology: Puppyoo Presents the Innovative T12 Plus Rinse at IFA 2022
11/17 .2022

Puppyoo, an industry leader in the vacuum tech space focusing on new and innovative ways to make cleaning hassle-free and timely, will debut their latest smart home appliance: the T12 Plus Rinse at IFA 2022. With 2-in-1 mopping and vacuuming capabilities, a 99.996% filtration system, and a 70-minute runtime, the T12 Plus Rinse is positioned to be the most innovative cordless mopping vacuum cleaner this year.

"Between work, chores, and the chaos of everyday life, it's hard to keep the house clean for households – that's why PUPPYOO is simplifying cleaning for the modern-day with cutting-edge designs for an easier user experience." Said Jianhui Li, Head of Product Design at Puppyoo. "With the T12 Plus Rinse, customers can clean every surface of their home with only one device. That's cleaning made simple."

A Spotless Clean for Any Surface

Compared to its predecessors, the T12 Plus Rinse is the powerhouse of the mopping vacuum cleaner world — leaving no nook or cranny safe for dirt or debris to hide. The built-in BLDC motor can generate over 185AW of suction power, allowing the double spin roller and mop brush to effectively remove debris on a microscopic level. The powerful motorized double roller brush is rugged and durable for everyday use, while the bristle and soft nylon rollers can clean different floor types, including tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors. Along with the help of its infrared sensor to detect hidden dirt and a variety of attachments (mattress, square, and soft feather brushes), the T12 Plus Rinse is ready to clean up any mess in its way.

The Modern Mop

Mopping can be messy, tiring, and ineffective at times. The introduction of the T12's high precision Digital Water Control System can evenly dampen the dual rotating mop cloths while maintaining a proper level of wetness to ensure there's enough to wipe away grim but not too much to leave the floor a mess.

Intelligent Cleaning Capabilities

A common issue with mopping vacuum cleaners of the past was their lack of intuition. The T12 Plus Rinse works smarter, so you don't have to work harder. The OLED display screen quickly allows users to see the device's working status or malfunction/charging alerts, along with reminders to remove debris from the dust bin, clean the filter, and more. Furthermore, the intelligent dust detection system will automatically pick the appropriate cleaning setting based on the amount of debris on the floor. For those who like the freedom to choose themselves, the T12 Plus Rinse offers three different cleaning options: Super, Automatic, and Eco mode.

Wait, There’s More

Along with the T12 Plus Rinse, Puppyoo will also be exhibiting another product model at IFA Berlin: the T22 series. The T22 series ergonomic design and long-lasting lithium-powered battery make it perfect for those marathon cleaning sessions. What makes the T22 series truly unique are the tools and innovative models used to create it to adhere to the Earth’s 1.5C temperature limit — making it one of Puppyoo’s most environmentally friendly models.

Attendees of IFA can visit Puppyoo and see the T12 Plus Rinse & T22 series at Hall 7.1a, Stand 111 All Rights Reserved