As early as 2011, Tan Chong, the founder of Puppyoo had started on the road of philanthropy. Over the last 8 years, the members of Puppyoo’s charity team have traveled 360,000 kilometers and have traveled to 16 provinces and cities in China. They have helped 55 schools and over 1,000 left-behind children, who dream to finish their school and to help others after them. Through in-depth home visits, they have learned the true meaning of giving back, both financially and emotionally.

In July 2017 Puppyoo launched “Dust P(l)an”, divided into 5 key elements, we swore to leave poverty and illiteracy in the proverbial dust pan;

  • Puppy Dreams; financial backing for those who cannot afford to go to school
  • Puppy Blessings; crowdfunded material goods to aid children in education and play
  • Puppy Letter; provide a network for the children to communicate on, with written letters from pen-pals all over the world.
  • Puppy Pat; provide children in the plan with photographs to remember the experience, to share with others, and to remind them of how far they’ve come.
  • and Puppy Gang; one-on-one learning platform for those who wish to learn skills, for organizations to take on aspects of public welfare for the needy, and to support enterprises, institutions and individuals to make valid contributions to charitable programs.

From the get-go, Tan Chong believed that in order to give the best care to the children, giving them a semblance of normalcy in their difficult lives was key. Providing them a balance of education, fun, and seeming normalcy in their difficult lives helped bring the warmth of society as if it were one big happy family.

Over the years, Dust P(l)an has gone from Tan Chongs humble beginnings to firm reality. With the help of companies such as Tencent and Taobao, our social responsibility program is truly taking shape. With the continued encouragement of other private enterprises, charitable organizations, and the government, we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the future!