Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner


D-610 Mattress UV vacuum

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May 17


Puppy brand in the industry has a strong strength:
Puppy D-535
In China, puppies are the first high power handheld vacuum cleaner brand.
In China, puppy card is the first listed robot vacuum.
In China, the puppy card is the first to go public with the giant 80-liter industrial vacuum cleaner.
In China, the dog tag is the first industrial vacuum cleaner to be marketed as a giant vacuum iron slag glass. In China, puppy card is the first to be listed in the fourth generation of building dust-free vacuum cleaner.

May 17


2014 Ali mother was the second electric business marketing Innovation 2013 Brand Effectiveness case TOP10 (Puppy electrical "born a pair of" global first event). Puppy Vacuum Cleaner has achieved full network coverage, has settled Taobao, Beijing-east, Suning, Gome, easy to hear, Pat, excellent, when the major platforms. Clean site, happy life, shouldering the mission of the national clean, with a unique quality characteristics, "puppy" has established a good reputation, in the industry has begun its own brand, well-deserved become the leading force of domestic vacuum cleaners.

March 06


March 2013 listed new intelligent sweeping robot, 26 hours 10000 units sold out, the popularity of the accumulation, hot abnormal ...

May 18


May 18, 2012 vacuum cleaner new D-968 million sold vacuum cleaner 29416 units, a brand record high.
D-968 CCTV ads won the highest advertising industry award-China International Advertising Festival Silver Award.

January 06


January 6, 2011 in the Water Cube was Taobao officially awarded the 2010 Annual development potential of the "Amoy brand" award.

August 06


August 6, 2010 Taobao electrical Industry "Amoy brand" honorary title.

June 18


June 2007, the puppy vacuum cleaner settled in Amoy Bao.

May 01


Puppy Vacuum Cleaner is the first company to settle in Gome, Suning electric vacuum cleaner brand. Registered in 1999.