Help and Support

1. Complete Machine: Except the main component, consumables (All kinds of brushes, Hose, Dust Bag, Filtering Screen), the other else components and the machine are in the guarantee range.

2. Main Machine: The rest parts except the Accessories & Components. Main Components: Motor,all motors inside. Bare Machine: Complete Machine except Accessories & Components, Dust Container and Consumables. Accessories(Consumable Parts): All kinds of brushes, Hose,Steel Pipe and Accessories & Components. Accessories & Components: Each Component except Main Machine and Consumables.

3. The Warranty Period of Puppyoo products, 6 months for Complete Machine and 18 months for Accessories & Components if operated beyond house cleaning.

4. It excludes the time of maintenance and components waiting in warranty.

5. It will add one year warranty from the finish time of Maintenance/change the components of the main machine after the warranty.

6. The Service Policy only for the domestic administrative areas in China mainland(Without HK,Macao,Taiwan)due to logistics reasons.

7. The policy of Puppyoo Official Central Maintenance was published to all the users in China mainland on 15th,Oct,2014 which also accept the oversight of the users.

8. If there is any questions about above policy content of Puppyoo Official Central Maintenance,please consult Service Hotline of Puppy 4006-111-456.