2007 Taobao, there is traffic, there are users, businesses than 2014 less than the June 11, 2007, the puppy Taobao shop opened.


2007 Taobao, there is traffic, there are users, businesses than 2014 less than the June 11, 2007, the puppy Taobao shop opened. Description according to the actual situation, no packaging, no instructions, scratches, flaws, all 1510 tell consumers, the third day after the store to sell the first vacuum cleaner, ad-born puppy CEO C Ding began planning some clearance activities, almost all models are sold empty.

The transition After clearing the inventory, the puppy really started the Internet brand Road. Seeing the internet so strong consumer demand, puppy CEO Ding decided to stay and really think about the industry, when the puppy's first new products listed. New products on the line, praise constantly, puppy electrical appliances by superior product quality, and pleasing product appearance, quickly into people's field of vision, sales steadily climbing, 2010, the puppy became the only one Amoy brand vacuum cleaner industry.
Future Offline birth, online growth, the wings will be hard after the market to occupy the line? The founder of the puppy gave a clear answer, offline temporarily will not do, offline mode if you want to profit must wait for the third party Store channel business environment change, the virtuous rotation between each other, only after the traditional store changes before I go back. Or I will go to do the store, to sell to accept my own decision, into the store is usual, such an ecological everyone is difficult to survive.

Logo interpretation I am a little Red dog, the world is unique, since its inception, thanks to the host pet. I am very dynamic, loyal to the host, to treat people with sincerity, seek truth from facts. Quality first, after the sale of worry-free. Choose Puppy, your trust in that dependable.

Brand Spirit Make the living environment cleaner!

Central Maintenance Service

What is the puppy central maintenance service? Puppy Central maintenance of the spiritual center is the ultimate experience, to make users cool, the central maintenance of the largest, bright blind eye of the bright spot is: The warranty period all the costs are free! Whether it is because of the product itself or man-made damage, or even deliberately broken, all maintenance costs, including express round-trip, testing, maintenance, replacement of new parts, the real cost of all free! Farewell to the wrangling, the user no longer because the information asymmetry and troubled tangle.